Information & Communications Technology (ICT)


We offer Expert ICT services

We, at Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd, understand the game changing impact of ICT and the increasing needs of organizations in the areas of telecommunications’ integration, data management and unified communication systems.

We have developed significant expertise in providing reliable premium ICT solutions to industries which increases their efficiency, reduces costs, , improves decision-making and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Our increasing client base are satisfied about our professionalism in delivering services on time and with accuracy.


Transform your business with our ICT solution services

  • Accelerate Business Operations

    Focus on your business activities while we handle your IT infrastructure to provide you a reliable, high performance ICT services.

  • Secured ICT Security.

    With us, we ensure the protection of your computer systems and networks from malware or damages to hardware, software or electronic data.

  • Business intelligence

    We provide our clients with business data and analytics generated from our software. This provides insight for business decisions, improve customer relationships, forecast and impact business performance and grow revenue


The industry sectors we served include

  • Education

    Our ICT expertise has improve the efficiency and quality of education in schools that we have served.

    With our Innovative strategies, by developing e-applications and software to help conventional means of learning and teaching has improved assimilation rate in students

  • Health Sector

    ICT is powerful tool for improving health and related services. Our projects are helping to improve dissemination of public health information, bridge the gap in consultation, diagnosis, and treatment between resource-rich and resource-poor hospitals, improving the ability to monitor diseases, likewise making health administration more efficient.

  • Public Sector Management

    At Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd, our expertise in ICT services has increased productivity through the use of innovative approach and modern technologies. This is done not just by shifting from manual, paper-based processes to automated systems, but also by creating new skills, building human and institutional capacity in employees.

  • Agriculture and Food Security.

    Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd ICT services are increasing agricultural productivity by improving information flows, communication, and access to reliable, up-to-date information. This has enabled strategic decision-making by farmers and prevented losses caused by natural disasters.