Power & Renewable Energy


Get our expert Power & Renewable Energy Consultancy services.

In conjunction with our global partners, we provide A-rated Consultancy services in Power & Renewable Energy sector of the Nigerian economy.

Our experienced engineering team provides range of services in system design, project management, procurement, construction and operations & maintenance of various infrastructures.

Using leading industry software applications, equipment and processes, Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd is capable of deploying a wide range of engineering and management solution for Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Banking, Real estate, Telecoms and Transportation at domestic, commercial and industrial scale.


Go Green with Solar Energy

  • Zero Noise Pollution

    The use of generating sets comes with an adverse effect of noise pollution, make your transition easier, with our professionals handling the installation of solar panel in your house or company.

  • Zero Air Pollution

    Unlike generating sets (generators) that emits toxic gas like Co2 that cause air pollution, the usage of solar panel doesn’t pollute the air and yet is reliable.

  • Energy Assessment

    At Aquila Swift Solutions we provide energy assessments to our clients. We provide you with the right plan that fits into your  budget.


The industry sectors we served include

  • Oil & Gas Sector

    The effort to go green has increased tremendously in the Oil & Gas Sector, migrating from the use of fossil fuel to renewable energy sources, like solar energy.

    With our comprehensive market knowledge, we provide renewable energy consulting services to Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria

  • Banking Sector

    With the need for consistent power supply for the daily transactions of banks in Nigeria, the demand for alternate energy like solar panel has been on the rise.

    We help in installation, maintenance and render solar power as a service to banks in Nigeria.

  • Health Sector

    From surgeries to child delivery, a resourceful hospital/health center is dependent on consistent power supply to be fully operational.

    The use of solar panel as an alternate energy compared to a generating set (generator) in hospital is encouraged so as to prevent noise pollution.

    We provide energy assessment and solar panel installation to hospitals.

  • Real Estate

    The need for alternate energy source to the erratic power supply in Nigeria, has caused the usage of generating sets (generators) as backup, but this came with a pitfall, which is Noise pollution in the neighborhood.

    The demand for clean energy especially solar panel has been on the rise, we at Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd render energy assessment for your house and affordable installation of solar panel that fits your budget.

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