Pivot your Business with our expert Project Management Consultancy services

The need to implement an idea into a product/service can be stressful, daunting and challenge. This can create a down slope in the final result of the product/service.

Project management consultancy services at Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd, applies efficient techniques to effectively manage a project lifecycle, we ensure to focus on the client’s strategic objectives and tailor the project to it maximum capacity while delivery on schedule.

  • We are experts at scheduling technique, by providing a listing of project’s milestones, activities and deliverable, with intended start and finish dates
  • Project performance and progress are monitored relative to scope, time and costs by using the earned value management technique

Risk management, Scheduling, Earned Value Management (EVM) and Quality Management are the techniques we employing in achieving zenith in client’s project lifecyle.


Transit from an Idea to a Project by leveraging on our expertise.

  • Strategic Planning

    We offer strategic planning that assist business in reaching goals at stipulated time. Such goals may include increasing worker productivity, improving marketing strategy and improving production operations.

  • Careful Risk Management

    We know that things rarely go off exactly as planned, hence we provide clients with a risk log. It’s an action plan for impending risks during project lifecyle, it creates awareness and reduces risk.

  • Open Communication

    Extensive communication with our clients over projects, improves success rate, which creates group collaboration from all quarters with a keen sense of objectives to be achieved.


Our Methodology, that guarantees success always.

  • Project Initiation Phase

    In this phase, the project proposal or the business goal is defined, drafted and reviewed. This phase usually begins with a business case, research is done to determine the feasibility of a project and if it should be undertaken.

    At Aquila Swift Solutions, we are committed to the success of your project and ready to walk you through the processes.

  • Project Planning

    Our Project planning is achieved by being:

    Specific – To set specific goals by answer the following questions: who, what, where, when, which, and why.
    Measurable – Create criteria that you can use to measure the success of a goal.
    Attainable – Identify the most important goals and what it will take to achieve them.
    Realistic – You should be willing and able to work toward a particular goal.
    Timely – Create a time-frame to achieve the goal.

  • Project Execution

    At this phase, deliverables are developed and completed. It often feels like the core of the project since a lot is happening during this period, like status reports and meetings, development updates, and performance reports.

    A “kick-off” meeting usually marks the start of the Project Execution phase where the teams involved are informed of their responsibilities.

  • Project Performance & Monitoring

    Project progression and performance are monitored relatively to the project management plan. Performance indicators (KPIs) is used to determine if the project is on track. These are the KPIs we  employ during project lifecyle:

    • Project Objectives
    • Quality Deliverables
    • Effort and Cost Tracking
    • Project Performance

  • Project Closure

    Project is completed at this phase. Hired contractors are terminated, valuable team members are recognized. Once a project is complete,  “post mortem” is conducted, to evaluate what went well in a project and identify project failures. This is especially helpful to understand lessons learnt so that improvements can be made for future projects.

  • Smartsheet for Project Management

    We employ the use of Smartsheet, a software application to manage range of views which includes Gantt, calendar, grid, and dashboards to manage projects and also track project requirements, store documents, create timelines, and organize key details.

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