Solar Energy Consultancy


Are You considering Solar Energy? Let's Get you Started

We at Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd, pride ourselves in our highly trained, engineering teams, we craft each product with consideration and expertise.

We specialize in Solar PV (Solar Panel installation), Solar Energy Design, Energy Audits, Solar Systems Optimization and Solar Project Financial Models.

For on-grid, off-grid or hybrid solar plants Aquila Swift Solutions Ltd  offers a great insight and a deep knowledge in the operational behavior of solar PV facilities, being able to provide an outstanding consultancy service with the highest quality, tailored to your needs



Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Solar Resource Assessment

    We measure solar irradiance to assess the availability of solar radiation resources, since the amount and variation of solar radiation at project site are key factors in determining the profitability of your solar investment

  • Procurement

    Our experienced engineers uses proven techniques to procure and supply equipment and services from top class providers at the best possible cost to meet customer’s requirements with regards to performance and quality.

  • Commissioning

    We at Aquila Swift Ltd. have the professional team and technical equipment that checks the authenticity of solar PV systems for safety and high performance to ensure there is no down tine on the power generation for the solar plant.

Our core services

  • Solar Energy Design

    We kick start our off-grid solar system design by

    • Figuring out how much power you need
    • Calculate the amount of batteries needed
    • Calculate the number of solar panels need for your location and time of year
    • Select a solar charge controller
    • Select an Inverter
    • Balance of System

  • Energy Audits

    Our expert energy auditors at Aquila Swift Solutions will survey your business or house equipment/gadgets respectively  and provide you with detailed energy flow report to improve efficiency.

    Our energy audits are characterized into four broad types, which are:

    • Benchmarking
    • Walkthrough Audit
    • Detailed Audit
    • Investment-grade Audit

    We are ready to help you get started.

  • Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

    We offer top-notch Solar Panel Installation services to houses, offices, hotels, banks, churches and  organizations.

  • Sales of Inverter, Battery and Solar Charge Controller

    We sell PV Solar Panels, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Solar panel pumps and Solar accessories at an affordable rate.

    Our products are vetted by our engineers and all our products are with guaranty.

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